Making the first appointment

After formulating a plan over a number of days, a very emotional phone call to my parents explaining how unhappy I was living and working in London, a few emails to friends who had recently traveled around Australia…I finally decided to book an appointment with STA Travel.

Ever since the thought of going out to meet George (the boyfriend) sprang into my mind, the day I saw the STA email in my inbox, I could not stop thinking of the best way in which I could do so.

On a grey Monday afternoon, after I had finished work, I rushed to the nearest STA shop and discussed, with a guy named Andrew, all my options that would allow me to travel the East Coast of Australia and how I could stay there for as long as possible.

He was very helpful and I generally think that STA, as a company, do a great job in getting young individuals, like myself, to the places they wish to see. They provide expert help and their own personal opinions and insights into the trip you are looking to plan.

After the meeting I decided that it would be best for me to apply for a working holiday visa. This would allow me to work in Australia as and when I needed extra money. I have always wanted to work in another country and my Dad regularly states that working abroad is something that everyone should try to do in their lifetime. He has never really explained why…I will have to remember to ask him!

STA offer a service that sorts out all your visa information for you, taking away the stresses of trying to fill out the forms on your own.

We also looked into booking flights and spoke about a work and travel starter pack. He gave me a magazine with all the details in and I was able to take it home to read and digest.

It is a lot of information to initially be given with lots of different options at my finger tips.

After the meeting I read all that was in the booklet and started to look into flights.

This is when you know things are getting serious!

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