Flights are booked

I had booked Friday off work because it was my Grandad’s 80th birthday and we had planned a surprise party for him. I traveled from London to Chester after work on Thursday evening and it was a delight to see my Nan and Grandad’s faces when they opened the door to find me and my pink suitcase.

My parents traveled from Devon and my sister took some time off from her University in Nottingham, so we were all reunited for the weekend. I really miss my family and truly believe that your family are the only people you can rely on. Friends, boyfriends, even husbands can come and go but your family are with you for life. That is why their opinions on big life decisions are important to me and why I was looking forward to discussing my plans with them over weekend.

Whilst my parents drove up the country, I spent Friday morning researching numerous flight prices, times and dates. Amazingly I found an affordable flight departing on the 27th December and landing in Australia on the 29th…just in time to see the Sydney NYE firework display.

Once all the hugs, ‘hellos’ and ‘you look thinner’ comments had been dealt with, I was very eager and excited to discuss the trip with my Mum and Dad. My Mum always likes to throw in the ‘what if’ scenarios (I know it is because she cares) and I think she was relatively surprised when I was able to answer her worries with well thought out solutions.

True to form, my Dad said that if I have found affordable flights and am happy with them, then I should just go for it. When I booked my flights to go to Bali I found some that took only 16 hours (in comparison to some of the 18-19 hour flights) for approximately £500. I waited a day before booking them and whilst I slept, dreaming of white sand beaches, those flights went up to £800. I ended up having to pay £670 for an 18 hour flight in the end. I did not want this to happen again so after thoroughly discussing my big, grand plan once more I finally made the plunge and booked the flights.

I was speaking to an STA employee using the online chat and he managed to find the flights I wanted to book. I decided to book a return because in the long run it will work out cheaper than booking two one-way tickets. The latest I could select my return date for was in June 2016 but STA allow you to purchase a multiflex ticket. This mutliflex ticket allows me to change my return flight however many times I need to until I eventually hop on the plane home.

As I handed over my card details to pay for the booking I was feeling anxious. This was due to the fact that the whole idea seemed a little crazy and reckless – I am not a crazy or reckless person. However, once the money was handed over I did start to feel a sense of achievement.

During my whole life I have always been the sensible person who always followed the rules and did what was expected. Buying these flights was not expected and certainly wasn’t in my initial plans, which were to begin saving for a mortgage – ‘the real/adult world’.

That plan has most certainly gone out of the window because I realised that life is too short to spend it working your butt off, just to put yourself on the property ladder. Your twenties should not be spent worrying about these things…instead I have chosen to live them and worry later.

I could not believe that in a matter of weeks I had gone from thinking that I would not see George for 10 months and feeling very lonely and lost in London, with what felt like no way out, to booking flights to Australia and plans to start the year of with a bang…literally.

I will forever remember the weekend I spent at my Grandparent’s house, celebrating my Grandad’s 80th birthday with chocolate cake and Costco lasagna and because it was the weekend I booked flights to Oz.

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