Remenising: Visiting the Grand Canyon

In 2013 I spent three months in America, two months teaching photography and one month traveling.

Today I was looking at photographs that I had taken whilst in Las Vegas and recalled the day I went to see the Grand Canyon.

Getting there from Las Vegas by car was an experience. I was staying in the Golden Nugget hotel in Downtown Vegas (very nice hotel with luxuries such as a comfy bed and crisp white towels in comparison to the hard bed and none existent towels in the Motels I had been staying in) and the concierge had informed me that it would take 3 hours to drive to the Canyon.


I woke at a reasonable time, managing to get on the road by 9am. I was following my sat nav, which I can safely say was (in general) a life saver whilst I was traveling. I had heard that there were many entrances that you could drive to in order to see the Grand Canyon but I assumed that my sat nav would direct me to the closest one. On this occasion I am not sure if it did or whether the concierge had lied to me because the journey actually took me five hours.

By the time I reached the entrance to the National Park I remember being tired, restless and eager to see one of the wonders of the world.

I remember reaching the first parking area to be greeted with a wall of grey, miserable mist. My excitement at finally reaching the Canyon quickly disappeared and I prayed that the trip would not be a waste.

In desperation I decided to drive further up the road to see if anything would change. Luckily when I got to the next parking point I was able to see the other side of the Canyon from my car. This was promising.

As I neared the edge I was utterly blown away by the shear size of it. It certainly deserves its ‘Grand’ Canyon name and I was so relieved and pleased that I was able to see it.


Whilst I was there I learnt that the Canyon is 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide and attains a depth of over a mile – that is a long way to fall. It has not yet been established when the Colorado River first undertook its course through the canyon but some geologists are led to believe that it was at least 17 million years ago.

Interestingly, the first European who is known to have viewed the Grand Canyon was a man named Garcia Lopez de Cardenas, arriving in 1540. Can you imagine being the first person to discover such a marvellous geographical formation?

I had a wonderful time just sitting on the cliffs edge staring into the depths of the Canyon and I even had the privilege of capturing a photograph of a rainbow form within the ridge.


I would love to go back here again and I am glad I was able to tick this off my wonders of the world bucket list.

Hint: Unlike me, if you are planning a trip to see the Grand Canyon from Vegas (by car), I would highly recommend doing your research into the route you wish to take because I do not think it should have taken me so long to get there.

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