Camper Van is booked

The other day George managed to book the camper van we plan to use to travel the East Coast of Australia.

One of the many things I admire about George is how organised he is. He managed to speak to a travel representative, who organises all sorts of transport and tours for backpackers, and she gave him some advice and options on what camper van rental companies there are.

He researched each company and shared them with myself and another boy named Tom, who will be traveling along the East Coast with us, so that we could all agree on what the best option would be.

George met Tom whilst he was traveling in Asia and they had previously spoken about traveling Australia in a bus or a camper van. Tom was dead set on wanting to buy a bus or big camper van to have the flexibility to travel for as long as he wanted. I do not think he had fully thought out what would be required to purchase his own vehicle and after we asked him to do some research into it, he soon realised that renting something was the better option.

For the amount of time we can probably all afford to travel the East Coast, renting is definitely the easier and most efficient way for us to do it.

After all agreeing to rent, we then had to deliberate over the choices George had put forward. In the end we decided to go with a company called JUCY.

They offer car and camper van rental and there are a number of different kinds of camper vans that are all different prices depending on size.

We decided to go for the JUCY Grande which sleeps four people. We did this because we hope to find an extra person to travel with.

It includes a fridge, gas cooker, cooking equipment, two DVD players, bedding and the site says it has ‘two comfortable double beds’. Whether they will be comfy is something I will let you know once I have slept on them. I think it has everything you would need to survive whilst on the road.

I am very excited to start this East Coast adventure in our JUCY, bright green and purple, camper van. I am glad we have decided to travel using this method because I think it will allow us a lot of freedom and it will feel like a proper road trip.

All we need to do now is seek out the cheap campsites, as it is illegal to park up on the side of the road or streets, and budget for petrol.

If any of you have any advice on good, reasonably priced, campsites that you have stayed on or some must do stops along the East Coast then please get in touch as I would love to hear your stories.

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