Whitsundays and Fraser Island tour

This week George managed to organise the Whitsunday and Fraser Island tours for us through a travel representative at his hostel.

Firstly, for those who have limited knowledge (like I did before searching the web) of the wonders the East Coast of Australia possesses…The Whitsundays is the name used to describe a collection of 74 tropical islands, of various sizes, situated off the central coast of Queensland, Australia.

Formed millions of years ago, the name was given by Captain Cook, a man who sailed through the passage on Whitsunday in 1770. I hope there are some books on this Captain Cook fellow as I imagine his diaries would be a great read whilst traveling.

Only eight islands are inhabited, whilst some are little more than glorious strips of sand. The most well known island within the group is Whitehaven Beach. It is home to a 7 kilometer beach (which is more than I am able to run in one go at the moment) and I cannot wait to walk along its shore.

My friend who is from Australia but living in England at the moment says, that The Whitsunday islands can only be described as paradise and I cannot wait to see it all for myself.

The Whitsundays tour that we have booked includes a two night stay on a lovely boat, kitted out with a hot tub, air conditioned cabins and sunbathing deck. All our meals are included and there is the option to pay for some diving lessons whilst onboard. Snorkelling is free and I am really looking forward to trying it out for the first time.

Fraser Island is considered to be the largest sand island in the world with rainforests, lakes and shipwrecks to explore.

We have opted for the two night, three day package which allows us to stay at The Eurong Beach Resort on Fraser Island, with all meals included. Each day is roughly planned out for us to ensure we gain the most from our trip.

On the first day we are taken to Lake McKenzie and a rainforest. Trekking through a rainforest is something I am really looking forward to doing. It may bring back memories of when my Dad arranged a family holiday for us in Wales and we ended up doing a three hour trek through ‘the jungle’ as he managed to get us all lost.

The second day is spent exploring Eli Creek, Maheno Shipwreck, Champagne Pools and Indian Head.

Then finally on day three we are taken to Lake Wabby. I cannot wait to be able to swim in these lakes and experience everything Fraser Island has to offer.

As I plan my adventure and do more research, I will make sure to share what information I find out about these islands in relation to what is definitely worth doing or seeing on each one.

7 thoughts on “Whitsundays and Fraser Island tour

  1. You will love every moment; I have visited all the places you mentioned and did conservation work on Fraser Island with Fraser Island Defenders Organisation. I took a team of eleven bush regenerators to Fraser in 2005 and we worked two weeks there, based in Eurong. You can read all about it on FIDO’s website.


      1. Your tour group seem to cover a lot of territory already. It is a very big island so you’ll have to go back and stay longer if you are to explore it properly. Will you go up Indian Head? The view is spectacular from there – you’ll see sharks and stingrays in the water and people swimming in the same water. Depending on season you’ll see hundreds of fishermen lining the beach so if beach fishing is your thing…depending on season you may see the whale migration. All I can say is take your rubbish with you and stay on the tracks/boardwalks to protect the environment. Have a great time.


  2. Hi Danielle. I’m currently backpacking up the east coast of Australia and have recently started blogging about my travels. I stumbled upon your Whitehaven blog after following #Whitehaven and thought I’d share my blog post about Whitehaven with you 🙂 The most common way to visit the Whitsundays is on a yacht tour (costs around $360 per person for a 3 day 2 night package). But after finding out that you could camp on a number of the beaches on the Whitsunday Islands we decided to opt for that instead since it would let us go at our own pace a bit more and allow me to spend more time on my photography. Also its about $100 cheaper per person for an extra two nights and days. You might end up doing a yaht tour anyway but I thought I’d let you know about the alternative option since hardly any other backpackers we meet know that you can camp on these incredible beaches.



    1. I had heard of that you could camp. My boyfriend did all the organising so I’m not sure if he was aware of it. I don’t think we can back out now but thank you for sharing your findings. If you have any other tips regarding parts of the East Coast that are well worth visiting I’d love to hear about them and I’ll be sure to check out some of your blog!


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