Living out of a backpack

This month I have read numerous blog posts about people who have ditched the ‘American Dream’ or ‘London Lifestyle’ in favour of travel. I think my aimless hitting of the like button on travel blogs and companies has created a stream of travel related posts to appear on my Facebook timeline.

I cannot really complain as I do like to read what other traveler’s have done and plan to do on my commute to work each morning. This does however create a little envious bubble in my mind as I spend the rest of the day, sat behind my computer screen filling in spreadsheets on Excel, thinking about how I want to be traveling right now. I am counting down the days to when I leave for Australia but in the back of my mind thoughts of the logistics of the trip do creep in.

I wonder how I am going to live out of a backpack for a number of months. What items of clothing will I really need and how will I manage to fit it all into a 20kg (yes that is all my airline is allowing me) weight allowance? Will the hassle of hunting down an outfit from the depths of a bag, that I will probably be able to climb into myself, bother me?

Will Australia have simple moisturiser and face wipes or will I have to hunt out an alternative? Do I take a big bottle of shampoo with me? What about my laptop, should I take that along to be able to blog on the road or will my phone suffice? Should I take my SLR camera?

As I was hanging out my laundry today I did find myself thinking, ‘how many pairs of underwear should I take?’

I imagine myself to be like Reese Witherspoon in the film ‘Wild’ when she cannot put her backpack on due to the amount of stuff she has packed.

Over the next few months I have plenty of time to think through what it is I need to take with me and to actually buy a backpack that will become my wardrobe for the forceable future. I have been told that getting one that zips across the middle rather than just at the top is far easier to travel with, so I am currently on the look out for something like that. I am also very aware of the countless articles that give advice on what to pack so I will be sure to give them a read on my commute to work at some point.

I imagine many people think similar things as they plan a trip like this and although these thoughts are crossing my mind from time to time, I always end up ending this thought process with a deep breath and sigh of relief that I am actually able to leave my desk in favour of a beach.

3 thoughts on “Living out of a backpack

  1. We do have a variety of moisturisers of course but whether it suits you would depend on your skin DNA and where in Australia you end up (we have some pretty extreme areas).

    If you ever end up here, my main man Dave from my blog might be able to offer some advice given he’s travelled right around Oz.

    Great blog btw 🙂


    1. Thanks for the info. My flight is booked and so is a camper van for us to travel the East Coast. Any must see places that he can recommend would be great.
      And thanks ☺️


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