Reminiscing: San Diego, a surfers paradise

Ocean Beach was a great place to spend the day reading a book, enjoying the sun whilst lying on the sand, listening to the waves.

The remember the waves being very powerful and they knocked me off my feet on a number of occasions. I envied the regulars gliding along on their surf boards as we all got wiped out every time a wave came crashing ashore.

The sunset over Ocean Beach pier is one I have never forgotten and will never forget. It was probably the first time I had ever watched the sun completely descend beyond the horizon and it was beautiful. We saw a seal hovering in the water waiting for the fishermen to throw him some fish.


For dinner, we found a lively New Zealand bar named Raglan Public House where we ate mini sliders (also known as mini burgers) in the midst of laughing at my friends sunburnt face. It was so burnt he had to buy an emergency stock of moisturiser and a bag of ice which he face planted every few seconds.

La Jolla Cove is a popular spot for snorkelling and we had heard that seals often gather there. Sat on a rock, was the biggest, with whiskers the size of my arm, seal you could ever imagine. We turned a corner and saw loads of them swimming in the sea trying to dodge the divers who were brave enough to get so close. The seals were amazing creatures to watch. That day we also enjoyed a walk along the beach, climbing over rocks as we went.



San Diego, for its big waves and beautiful beaches, was one of my favourite places that I managed to visit during my America travels. I would definitely like to return go back there one day.

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