Is summer already over?

Today I realised that it was time for the children to return to school. How has summer already ended?! I realised this as I sat down opposite the school girl I had grown used to seeing on my morning commute to work.

I had wondered where she had been and only put two and two together this morning when I saw her. Her shoes and school bag looked new and it just brought back memories of my school days.

I remember spending hours in WHSmiths picking out the perfect stationary. It was one of my favourite things to do back then. I’d always make sure I bought a pencil case that had matching pens, pencils, rulers etc.

I always find myself looking out for the small girl dressed in the burgundy uniform each morning, not in a weird perverted way but in a caring way. She is only small and her legs look as though they are going to buckle under the weight of her school bag, so I always watch to make sure she gets off the train safely amongst the hoards of people.

The size of her school bag in comparison to the size of her makes me laugh. I remember wanting this huge Umbro bag one year because I had seen a few girls in the year above me carrying them. It was so big I looked ridiculous hauling it around each day. Watching her trudge to school each morning makes me so envious.

I can guarantee that she is probably wishing her school years away, just like I did back then. Looking back on them now I realise that they were some of my best years of my life. The worst thing I had to worry about was not being able to match my pencil case to my pens and pencils.

We always tend to wish away our lives. When I was in primary school I wanted to be like the girls in high school, wearing make up and kissing boys. When I got to high school I wanted to grow up so I didn’t have to revise for exams. I am doing it now. I’m wishing the days to whizz by so I can catch my flight to Australia and be done with working as a receptionist.

Now I have grown up I would love nothing more than to return to primary school and do it all over again. Life is strange.

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