I’m just off to Oz

Recently my Facebook feed has exploded with people announcing their engagements. The photo of the ring or the updated relationship status. If they aren’t getting engaged then they are getting married.

Have I really reached the acceptable age to get engaged or married? 25 – that is all I am. I have spent a number of days thinking about the fact that I am nearly 25 and how it is now acceptable for my friends to have made that big commitment in life, to promise themselves to another person.

For a short moment it did send me into a spiraling pit of introspective and life evaluation. Questioning whether it is something I would like to be doing right now or something I should be thinking about. I feel like my boyfriend definately has qualities that I would want in a husband. He is caring, considerate, passionate, interesting, funny…the list could go on. I can definitely see myself marrying someone like George, or may be even George but how do you know when you are ready for that?

‘You just know!’ – right?

It seems as though Facebook is telling me that 25 is the age that many people are ready for this next step in life but at the same time many are not. Should I be worried? – of course not!

No one should feel pressured into getting engaged just because everyone else around them is. The chances are that if you rush a thing like that you may live to regret it.

Then, as if Facebook had read my mind, I saw the photo that is featured with this post and I laughed.


We are all still very young, especially George – at only 21 I am sure he would run for the hills if he thought I was hoping for him to get down on one knee.

Engagement, marriage and babies will hopefully be one chapter in my story but for now I am excited about going to Australia. I just can’t believe that I have reached the age were engagement rings are featured on my news feed more than pictures of dogs looking cute.

2 thoughts on “I’m just off to Oz

  1. I just posted a variation of that photo on FB the other day! My friends are marrying/married too, and I am still staring at my wall map. No rush at all, that’s for sure (I am in my early 30s) 🙂


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