Beloved Bath

Bath is one of my favourite cities, located West of London in Somerset, South West England.  It is well known for its architecture, food and scenery. Every time I visit I am your typical tourist, taking lots of pictures of everything in sight, even my own food.

On my last visit to Bath, my friends and I headed straight for a tea room that had been recommended to us; Bea’s Vintage Tea Rooms. Inside we found ourself transported back to the 1950s thanks to the decor and general ambience.

The Victoria sponge cake that I chose to eat was lovely and moist, I could have probably eaten the whole cake, not just a slice. I was slightly disappointed that they did not supply decaf tea, as I am not allowed to drink caffeine and I would have liked a cuppa to accompany my cake. The food that was coming out of the kitchen to be served to other tables looked very edible and I would therefore go back again to try one of their pies.

I have visited Bath three times and I think I fall in love with the place a little more each time I go. I think the limestone buildings add a certain charm and class to the city that I have never found in any other part of the country so far.

Bath has become a very popular tourist destination bringing in approximately 3.8 million day visitors a year. One day I plan to go to one of the many festivals that Bath holds each year. (Bath Fridge Festival, Bath Film Festival, Bath Literature Festival, the Bath Beer Festival and the Bath International Music Festival.)

Bath is also home to two universities, underground bars and a variety of restaurants and cafes. Along with all its museums, shops and picturesque landscapes, I cannot imagine why anyone would not want to live here (Jane Austin must have been mad).

On a sunny day I would very much like to return to Bath and spend the day sitting on a rug on the Royal Crescent green, reading my book and watching the world go by. If I won the lottery I would put my name down for one of those townhouses.

On a previous visit we ate some lovely baguettes in a cafe called Hands of Bath, Georgian Tearooms. I had ham, egg and chips and was very pleased to discover that the ham was thick and the eggs weren’t crispy. You can tell a lot about a place by the way they cook their eggs!

The river is another thing to put on your list of ‘must dos’ when visiting Bath. It is a great place to go for a walk, sometimes offering peaceful moments in between bursts of energy produced from the crowds of people that can gather outside the pubs.

I also paid £6 (back when I had student discount) to hop on board the St William Pultney boat.

The boat ride allowed me to view another side of Bath and it reminded me of the film The Notebook, when Noah takes the love of his life out on a rowing boat. The captain who gave the tour was very friendly and offered personal stories as we chugged along.




7 thoughts on “Beloved Bath

  1. Alas, I only had one day and one night there a couple of years ago but that was enough for me to explore and fall in love with it! Apart from walking through the beautiful, distinctive streets and crooked little alleys, I also walked up that incredibly steep escarpment to wander through the houses perched at the top overlooking the expanse of the city. What I gorgeous view… I fell in love. Definitely a place I could call home.


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