Will Australia change my outlook on life?

Just like Friends, I became addicted to watching re-runs of The Big Bang Theory.

Whilst I was at university, one of my housemates and I used to watch it whilst we cooked our dinner. It became some sort of unspoken routine.

We would come home from university or work and begin cooking dinner whilst The Big Bang Theory played in the background.

Our housemate routine made me happy and now whenever I watch The Big Bang, I think of all the times we used to watch the episodes that were repeatedly shown on e4.

One of my favourite episodes is the one were Leonard and the gang return from a big expedition at the North Pole.

They come back with ridiculous beards and overgrown hair (well everyone except Sheldon) highlighting, in the most obvious way to cause comedic effect and to possibly have an ironic dig at all the people that take ‘gap years’, that they have returned from a long trip.

Since George left in January all of his family and friends, including me, thought he had put on loads of weight due to the photos he was uploading. When I went to see him in June he had put on a little bit of weight, understandably due to lack of exercise and all the beer he had been drinking, but not as much as we all thought. I deduced the reason for him looking a lot bigger in his photos to the angle he was taking the photos from. I did let him know that taking a photo from below will automatically make you look bigger but he didn’t seem to care.

He has not grown his hair or beard, so other than having a squidgy stomach and a gorgeous tan he did not look much different.

It does make me wonder what will change about myself whilst I am away. I know I won’t trust anyone to cut or highlight my hair (very particular about this) so I am certain that I will come back with similar hair to one of The Big Bang characters…with roots so big it will look like it has been dip-dyed. Other than that, I can’t imagine my appearance will alter that much. I have looked the same since I hit my teens and still get mistaken for a sixteen year old from time to time (luckily I do not take offence to this). I do hope to get a tan but even that is not certain with my colouring. However I cannot be certain that it won’t change my personality and my outlook on life.

I learnt a lot about myself whilst I traveled America, mainly that I can do things independently and I am therefore looking forward to discovering if and in what ways my Australia trip may alter my life.

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