Reminiscing: Washington and the red bikes

The White House was very much what the name says it is…white. The grass was also very green and the big black gates that surround the place towered above me.



It didn’t take long to discover that walking was an issue due to the hot and humid weather conditions so we hopped on some red bikes and were gleefully able to cycle around Washington Mall.

I remember cycling along the reflection pool and being able to watch a march at the WWII memorial.

We also visited the air and space museum, had a tour around the Roosevelt memorial (which was seven acres), stood next to the giant piece of rock that was carved into Martin Luther King, visited the Thomas Jefferson memorial and looked at the Vietnam Veterans memorial. All in a days cycling.


ffff fffff

Whilst in Washington, I always felt as though I was being followed by the Washington memorial. It seemed to spring up wherever I went.

One of my favourite memories from my time spent in Washington was standing by the entrance to a subway listening to a street band play. They were all so energetic and it sounded great. As entertaining as the band were the real entertainment came from a young man in a very bright pink shirt. His facial expressions and dance moves were hilarious.



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