The girl with the bright blue hair

Whilst I sit on the train on my commute to work each morning I tend to see average men or women in suits…slurping from their coffee cups, reading their books or the paper, watching something on their ipads or sleeping. This is what I have become accustomed to.

However today a tanned guy with curly brown hair and a skateboard sat down in front of me. He proceeded to tease the person standing behind me about the fact that he had managed to get a seat and she hadn’t. I didn’t want to turn around to look who it was he was speaking to but a brief picture of a girl flew into my head. I am not sure where the image came from but I suppose my imagination had conjured up the appearance of someone I had previously seen, in passing and that image was what I now pictured as they chatted quietly over my head.

Did you know that when you dream, the fictitious people that your mind created are apparently people you have seen in everyday life. You may have never spoken to them but you will have seen them at some point. Anyway…

No true features had been formed of this girl but she had brown hair and was wearing a red jumper.

‘I am only kidding, do you want to sit here?’ skater boy said.

‘No, no…you said you were tired you sit there.’ replied girl.

‘Are you sure?’ skater boy.

‘Yes.’ girl.

At the next stop this conversation proved to be a waste of time because a suited man that had been sitting next to skater boy got up to leave. This is when the girl entered my vision.

As she plonked herself down on the seat, her bright blue hair was what first caught my eye.

It was a scraggly mess atop her head. What followed was her freckles and her very pale skin. She was nothing like I had pictured from listening to her voice.

She quickly made herself comfy, laying her head on skater boys lap. They both closed their eyes and slept for the rest of the journey.

I found them both interesting simply because they stood out in comparison to the usual commuter crowd. Blue haired girl was wearing jogging bottoms that had a very noticeable stain on the knee. As though she had slopped some soup down herself or maybe had been sick. Her coat was also ripped and underneath it looked as though she had a hoodie, thick cardigan and t-shirt. It definitely is not cold enough yet to warrant all those layers. This made me think that maybe she had been sleeping on the streets.

She carried a purple bag that looked as though it was from a boutique shop, similar to the Selfridges bag but in purple, and inside was a bumbag and a dirty white top. Her life intrigued me.

I often find myself people watching whenever I forget my book on my commute. When I have the time to kill I find myself wondering what goes on in the people’s lives around me. My mind formulates questions about their lives that I wish I could get the answers to.

In this case I wanted to know why they were both so tired? Were they a couple? Why did she have a stain on her trousers and why was her coat ripped? Was she sleeping on the streets? If so, was it because her parents did not approve of the colour of her hair? Where were they going (a regular question that I ask myself when watching people on the trains)?

All these queries will never be solved and I will forever go on to wonder what was happening in the life of the girl with the blue hair and the guy with the skateboard. That is until someone else wanders into my life creating new questions to replace these ones. This is just what my mind does to relieve boredom.

6 thoughts on “The girl with the bright blue hair

    1. Thank you ☺️. I also can’t believe that what some people talk about on public transport. I couldn’t help but over hear a girl telling someone on the phone how bad her current partner was the other day.


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