How to back up your photos and videos whilst travelling

One thing that all travellers should consider is ways in which they will back up all their amazing photographs and videos whilst they are travelling.

When I travelled around America I used a number of free methods to back up everything. The only downside to using the free options was the space each one had available. I was saving files in three different places but I would rather do that than loose it all or hand over any cash.

Storing your files in the cloud…Most online storage options offer similar features such as the ability to upload files from many devices. WiFi is obviously needed for the initial upload but once the files are uploaded they are synced to all devices. Most options also have their own app that make searching for files on different devices easier than having to log in using a browser and allow for automatic uploads when connected to WiFi.

  • Dropbox. 2GB of free space. Good to use to upload photographs from your camera.
  • Google Drive. 15GB of free space. I would use this for your bigger files such as videos.
  • iCloud. 5GB of free space. If you are using an iPhone or iPad to take some of your photos I would recommend using this option as it is easy and already set up for you. At least then all your phone photos are in one place.

All of these options require an internet connection so it is a good idea to purchase an external hard drive as well. They are a lot bigger than USB sticks so you should be able to fit all your files onto one hard drive. Although you do not need WiFi, the downside to using this as your only option of back up is that it could get lots or stolen. I therefore highly recommend using both hard drive and online back up options.

If you are hoping to use these options it will require access to a computer. When I head to Australia I am luckily in that my boyfriend has taken a laptop with him but if you do not have this luxury you may need to use a public computer or borrow one from another traveller. (If you decide to use a public computer then make sure that you are careful, deleting your photos from the machine as you go and also consider how secure your passwords are when entering information).

There are lots of other options out there and it may be worth paying a monthly cost if you want all your files in one place but these are what I have used in the past and it all seemed to work for me. It just takes a bit of time and organisation.

There are other alternative to storing files without a computer and if you would like more information then feel free to get in touch.

7 thoughts on “How to back up your photos and videos whilst travelling

    1. Having a laptop is handy. My boyfriend has his with him so I’ll luckily be able to use that to transfer photos onto my hard drive but I always think that it’s good to have a back up online of your favourite vids or photos just in case anything happens to your devices. ☺️


  1. very nice thought on saving your photos while on the road, try checking Mega Cloud, its for free as well, you can download the APP and it works both on iOS and Android, they actually offer 50GB, that’s what I use when I’m on the road, I transfer the photos from my DSLR to my tablet and sync it.


    1. I have an iPad that I plan to take with me. I have bought this usb stick that I can apparently plug in and transfer videos and photos etc onto the iPad. It hasn’t arrived yet and I’m a bit pessimistic about it…do you know if it will work?

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