The delightful Clifton, Bristol

Whilst I lived and studied in Bristol I would often go to Clifton, a lovely area in Bristol that contains one of Bristol’s key landmarks, the Clifton Suspension bridge.

The bridge is quite a sight to see, suspended high above the River Avon. Since it opened in 1864 it has been a toll bridge which provides funds for its maintenance. Designers William Henry Barlow and John Hawkshaw are to thank for the look of the bridge but I am also told that their design was also based on an earlier suggestion by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Whenever my Mum came to visit me in Bristol I would take her to Clifton and we would enjoy wandering around the small village. The people have smiles on their faces and the shops are full of dainty objects that tempted and teased us as we window shopped.
As well as the bridge and the lovely village, Clifton is also home to one of my favourite cafes; Primrose Cafe. On countless times I have hidden away from the rain in a comfy chair here. Eating the delicious cakes and slurping on a cup of tea. If you are ever in the area I highly recommend you visit this place and I assure you that they will have something on offer that will force you to take a break from that diet. 
What I enjoy about my visits to Primrose, apart from the delicious food, is the quaint decor that makes you feel at home. I had previously made a visit to the cafe in December when they had mini Christmas trees and baubles dotted around the place. 
Large chalk boards inform you of the daily specials and the small service counter is manned by friendly staff who are skilled at making heart shapes out of milk and coffee. You can also spot a great barrister by the shapes they make from the frothy milk for their coffees. 

On one occasion, my Mum and I sat upstairs in the corner next to a vintage lamp. I felt hidden away from the 21st century world, free to gossip about the latest Devonian news. When our food arrived I envied my mums chicken and noodle soup as it looked more like a stew.

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