Picking the right backpack


What I looked for and why:

  • Water resistance. I thought that one of the worst things that could happen is for all my belongings to get soaking wet if the weather decided to act all English. I had read on a number of sites that the backpack does not need to be 100% waterproof but making sure it has some resistance is a good idea.
  • Compartments. I wanted my bag to have a number of compartments so that I could separate some of my things to make sure they were easy to find.
  • Internal Frames. My friend traveled with a very old fashioned backpack that had poles on the outside. She said it was very uncomfortable and advised me against purchasing one like this even if it was cheaper.
  • Wheels. Although this is not a typical feature to many travellers backpacks, I decided to opt for this because I know I suffer with neck and back pain when carrying heavy bags which leads to migraines. My boyfriend also happened to travel Asia with a bag on wheels and was envied by many.
  • Padding. I made sure that the straps were padded so that if I needed to put it on my bag I wouldn’t be in so much pain.
  • Size. I considered what size to take very carefully because I did not want to not be able to fit the essentials in but also did not want to be able to take too much. I knew that if there was spare space I would have tried to fill it with things I did not need. I also had to consider the weight restrictions on my flight. 20kg is not a lot! I therefore decided to go for a 65 litre bag.

What I have found so far:

NEWFEEL Sport 60L Case black/blue

NEWFEEL Sport 90L Case black/blue

OSPREY Sojourn 80L Wheeled Convertible Pack

VANGO Escape 60+20 Roller Rucksack

I am still not sure what size to take. I only have 20kg weight allowance on my flight but as I am traveling for quite a while I am sure I will acumilate more things. I am therefore not sure whether to opt for a smaller option for ease of transporting from place to place or opt for the bigger one so that I have the option to buy things and comfortably be able to fit everything in one bag. Any suggestions? 

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