Hyde Park in the Autumn

Last weekend my parents came to visit me in London. 

We spent Sunday wondering around Hyde Park enjoying the beautiful colours of Autumn. 

We walked along the The Serpentine lake and watched the ducks bob at the edge of the water waiting to be fed. 

We entered The Princess Diana Memorial and my sister and Mum shared there thoughts on the meaning behind the water feature. The area featured an almost circular granite stone (Cornish granite) display that contained water. As we walked around the edge we noticed that the stone changed, forcing the water to flow differently. In some parts it was rushing over bumps and lumps in the rock, forming splashes and in other areas it was smooth and calm but it always continued to flow. In their eyes they viewed this as a symbol for the circle of life, with each different section representing the ups and downs we come across as we move through each year. Very philosophical thoughts. 

It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday, very traditional. We then went home for a Sunday roast. 

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