Where to watch the Sydney Fireworks

With bonfire night approaching I thought I would do a blog posts on a similar topic; the Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks. 

Last year over three million people either watched the Sydney fireworks on or went to Sydney to see them. They are the most famous display in the world and is designed by Foti International Fireworks. Each year there is a theme, last year it was ‘inspire’. 

I am overwhelmed by the choice of spots that you are able to watch the fireworks from. There is an official website dedicated to the fireworks and it gives an extensive list of places to view them from. If anyone from Sydney would like to narrow down this list to some key spots they would recommend I would be very grateful. 

What I have found out is that in a lot of vantage points you are not allowed to bring your own alcohol and in some places you have to have to pay to enter. 

I’ve been told that arriving at your planned destination early in the morning is essential if you wish to get a good spot. I’ve been advised that packing a picnic and camping out there all day is the best option. 

But where to go?! 

Ideally I imagine my boyfriend and his friends will want to be able to take there own alcohol as prices to purchase the stuff will probably be too expensive for us travelers. I am not overly fussed about being able to drink but I know others will be. 

Can anyone offer some solid advice? 

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