Paris, truly tragic! 

My thoughts are with all the poor families and close friends of the people who have lost their loved ones in Paris.  

I honestly do not understand why anyone thinks any good will come from killing another human being. What do these people achieve from this type of behaviour? It is baffling, shocking and sickening! 

My own memories of my time spent in Paris sprung into my mind and I just cannot believe this has happened. 

The attacks on Paris certainly aren’t the deadliest we have witnessed throughout time but they are a wake up call. Whilst I was walking under the Eiffel Tower and next to the river Seign, I felt safe and happy. France is supposed to be a safe place but with people like those who attacked the incident yesterday, can we consider anywhere to be safe? 

I live in London at the moment and I seriously question delving underground to ride the tube right now. We shouldn’t be made to feel like this. 

Through social media I feel united with the rest of the world, sharing our feelings of devastation. If only everyone could see that they gain nothing positive from hate and wars but a lot from kindness and unity. 

Not everyone has to agree with the same thing, I regularly don’t agree with what certain people say and do but disagreements should not be a cause for murder. 

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