How to charge your devices whilst living in a camper van

My friend, who will be traveling to parts of South America, recently got a solar powered charger that allows her to charge her phone when she is in places that may not have electricity.

The solar charger allows her to charge her phone up to 20-30% once it has been in the sun for 8 hours. It came with a clip that allows her to attach it to the outside of her backpack to easily allow her to leave it in the sun whilst she is on the move.

I had been worrying about how I would charge my iPad and iPhone whilst I live in the camper van. We do have access to power but I think it is best to limit the usage to when you are driving, to prevent the van’s battery from dying.

I therefore decided to look into some options that will allow me to charge my phone whilst we are stationary without having to resort to the camper’s supply.

I have decided to by the following:

RAVPower Portable Charger 16000mAh Power Bank External Battery Pack with iSmart Technology

It allows me to charge two devices at the same time and can apparently charge an iPhone 6 up to 6 times.

I figured that I wouldn’t need a solar powered charger because I will be able to plug it into the camper when we are on the move and then hopefully charge my phone a few times whilst stationary.

I also purchased a SDTEK White Dual Twin USB Car Charger so that I can plug things into the van’s cigarette charging port and USB to USB cable to enable me to charge the RAVPower charger. – I feel very prepared.

4 thoughts on “How to charge your devices whilst living in a camper van

  1. While you are driving the alternator is supplying a constant current source. So you could simply build a regulator circuit to drop the 13.8V output down to 5V and use it to charge your devices.


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