Research: Greater Taree

Whilst traveling up the Pacific Highway you have to travel inland through various towns that are counted within the area of Greater Taree. This is probably due to the largest of the towns being called Taree. – Taree town serves the farms of the Manning Valley and has the largest population.

– Wingham town is known for its English countryside style mixed with rugged lumberjack history. May be a good place to stop off at if I begin to miss England. The lumberjack history also sounds interesting.

– If life as a young traveler starts to get tiring, a good place to stop off would be the beach town of Harrington, where 48% of the population is over the age of 60.

– Crowdy Head, interestingly named by Captain Cook because when he first arrived he witnessed a tribe of Aboriginal people gathered on the headland in 1770. From the lighthouse you can apparently see beautiful views of the ocean and deserted beaches. Home to Crowdy Bay National Park, known for its rock formations and rugged cliffs. Costs $7 entry per vehicle. If we drive through the park we will have to watch out for the potholes.

– The experts working for Lonely Planet advice that even if the Crowdy Bay National Park does not entice us off the Pacific Highway, coming off at Kew and taking the coastal route to Port Macquarie via the Ocean Drive will guarantee a stop at an amazing surf beach in North Haven, stopping off at the North Brother lookout and passing through Laurieton on the way.

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