Research: Port Macquarie

– A thriving holiday spot, possibly a good place to revive the party animals in us as it sounds like there is a good few places to ‘dance the night away’ in comparison to the previous few places along the Lonely Planets route planner.
– It was once a place used to send the prisoners to carry out hard labour as punishment for their crimes back when it was established in 1821. The place is more commonly known as just Port.

– Lighthouse, Town and Flynn’s boast cel lent surfing beaches and you can find an unofficial nudist beach at Miners beach that also has rainforests boarder in the sand.

– If exercise has been neglected then a nice long walk from Town beach to Lighthouse is possible.

– The area has a Koala Hospital that can be visited during 8am-4.30pm with tours at 3pm. It is a shelter for all the injured koala bears and there are also opportunities to volunteer. I also think it is free to wander round. Question: is it true that koala bears have chlamydia?

– Sea Acres Rainforest Centre, recently named a National Park. Offers a 1.3km walk through rainforests with tours costing $15. The place is filled with birds, goal as, brush turkeys and unfortunately mosquitos – bug spray is provided.

– Billabong Koala & Wildlife Park. Costs $23 and allows you to pet koala bears if you time your visit right 10:30am, 1:30pm and 3:30pm. Also home to snow leopards, monkeys and other critters.

– Near Town Beach you can find the Observatory offering views of through the telescope. Look online to find out the best day to go. Costs $8.

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