Living with your boyfriend’s family

A month ago I moved out of my flat in London into my boyfriend’s family house, who also live in London. I was invited by them a while ago as they knew I was struggling to save money for my trip to Australia. 

I am incredibly grateful to them for putting me up for two months in order to help me save. Without the money draining rent worry I have been able to save double the amount a month than what I was when I was living in my flat. 

When telling people of my plans to move in with them, whilst my boyfriend was on the other side of the world, the general response was one of shock. Many were amazed I had agreed because they couldn’t imagine doing the same with their partners family. 

I can truthfully say that it has been lovely living with them. His Mum has made me homecooked meals on a regular basis and I have been made to feel very welcome. 
It has actually been a lot of fun, despite having to sleep on a single air bed – which also isn’t that bad. To me it feels like a normal bed. It is small but so am I. 

I have had my clothes washed for me and a constant supply of toilet roll in the bathroom. 

There dog has always greeted me with a wagging tail when I come home from work and for the first time since I moved to London I haven’t felt lonely. 

George’s mum has become a good friend and because of her laid back attitude to life I feel like I can talk to her about anything and the same goes for his sister. 

The family have made me laugh when I was feeling miserable and looked after me when I became ill. 

I have always felt it is important to make an effort to get along with your boyfriends family and in this instant it has been a pleasure getting to know them all. It hasn’t always been under conventional methods due to the fact that my boyfriend has not been present for the majority of the time I’ve spent with his family but perhaps that is what has helped bring us all together. 

So living with my boyfriends parents has been great! 

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