Onto the next chapter

I can’t believe that in a weeks time I will be leaving work and London, heading to my Nan and Grandad’s for Christmas before catching my flight to Australia. 

It has been a difficult year for many reasons; being in a long distance relationship isn’t easy, having terminally ill Grandparents is horrible and working in a job that doesn’t excite or inspire you makes you miserable and bored. 

However despite all of the lows, there have been many highs and it is those moments that I shall remember from my time here. 

In the beginning I made a great friend in my flat mate Katie. We created our own little London routine, both being newbies to the London life. We would sit and watch silly TV together and go on London adventures. I was sad when she moved out. 

Catching the same train every morning allowed me to see familiar faces and I felt like I knew the people I traveled to work with, despite never speaking to them. It gave me some sort of comfort. 

Making friends with some of the people I work with has been great and learning the politics of a job in an office has been interesting. 

Getting to go to Amsterdam with work was also a highlight, as was my ski trip with my Dad in March and my holiday to Bali to see George in June. 

The 25 days annual leave at my job has definitely got me through the year – knowing I have time off to look forward to. For that reason I knew it was time to re-think what I was doing because no-one should solely look forward to time off from their work. You should be able to enjoy what you do as well. 

Watching the London marathon was fun and even encouraged me to sign up myself – what was I thinking, I struggled with a 10k. 

Finding a great friend in Emma, a colleague who quit a few months ago. I imagine she will be a friend for life. 

Seeing musicals in The West End – The Lion King, Billy Elliot and Matilda. I love the theatre. 

Living with George’s family for my final two months has been a life saver and a highlight from my time here. 

As I close the London chapter, I am extremly looking forward to what the future brings, reunited with my boyfriend, adventures in Australia and who knows what else. 

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