7. Research: Kempsey Shire 

The main attraction in this area are the surf beaches of the Macleay Coast.Kempsey does not have very much on offer in terms of things to do or see.

– Crescent Head is a sleepy beachside hideaway 18km southeast of Kempsey. The long board gained prominance here during the 1960s so you can see many people riding the waves on those Malibu surfboards. Good spot to go and watch them is Little Nobby’s Junction – it also has a funny name!

– Hat Head National Park is a 74-sp-km national park with a vehicle entry of $7. The beaches are amazing and back onto one of the largest dune systems in NSW. The beachside village of Hat Head is in the centre and at the far end of the town is a picturesque footbridge that passes over such clear water that you can actually see the fish swimming.

– South West Rocks also has some lovely beaches. Little Bay Beach is very sheltered and perfect for taking a swim whilst being watched by the kangaroos. 

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