Review: Star Wars VII The Force Awakens

Unfortunately for JJ Abrams, the Star Wars franchise possesses a great sense of nostalgia for a wide age range of fans. Those like me who began watching the films when they were remastered, to my Dad who watch the very originals and then the generation who hopped on the band wagon when the prequels were released. 
The years put between each release and undoubtedly their wonderfully thought out storylines, characters and escapism powers are what has produced such excitement and hysteria in the months leading up to the release and the reactions now. 

The other day I went with my Dad to see it, our little tradition that resonated from when I was very young. 

My overall opinion is positive but there are a few unanswered questions that floated to mind so I’ll air them first… Who is the huge hairless, evil figure bidding orders to Han and Leia’s son? What are the dark side truly trying to achieve other than ridding the world of the Jedi order and ruling? What rules do they want to enforce exactly? How does it or will it follow on from the last films? Is there any links at all or are they just hoping that enough years have passed that they do not need to explain the years in between? 

Another few negative points were the repetition again of the mission to destroy the Death Star and Rey’s almost unrealistic sudden ability to defeat a trained Jedi with a lightsaber. 

However I have talked myself into thinking that the reason why Kylo Ren was unable to defeat someone who had just picked up a lightsaber was that, unlike Rey, he used anger to fuel his fight rather than connecting with the ‘almighty powerful force’ within. It showed a lot of scenes were Kylo Ren lashed out at the walls and during their fight the camera pauses on the fact that Rey was connecting with the forces powers. After all – the force flows all around and within. 

Destroying a Death Star again – really? What did make me chuckle was the fact Hans Solo made a comment along the lines of ‘there is always away round the shield’ as though they were well aware that destroying another Death Star was over played. 

I did enjoy the beginning, especially the part where you first get a glimpse of the Millennium Falcon. I nudged my Dad in the cinema with gleeful excitement. You just knew it was going to be a close escape back on that dusty old spaceship. 

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