The Flight

On the 27th December I left my Nan and Grandad’s at 10:30am to catch the 10:30pm flight to Australia. The cause of the premature departure to travel the four hours it takes to get from their house to the airport was due to two recent tires blowing whilst on the motorway – my parents were taking precautions. 

The roads were very busy, it seemed as though everyone was traveling home or to another destination in preparation for New Years Eve. 

Once we neared the airport we stopped off at a lovely pub for a pre flight dinner. I opted for my last Sunday/Christmas roast in England! It was tasty!! 

Once we had made bum print impressions on the chairs in the pub (we were sat there for a while) we headed to Terminal 4. 

On all my previous flights, the airport has been relatively empty. That day was the opposite. There were loads of people rushing around, emptying suitcases to avoid paying access weight charges, babies crying and all round chaos. 

Luckily my check in went smoothly – my bag was 0.01kg over weight but thankfully the woman never mentioned it! 

Then it came time for the emotional goodbyes. I shed a few tears as I hugged my parents goodbye, I’ll miss them. The man at the entrance to the security point must have took pity on me as he let me skip the long cues and go through the staff security section. 

As I was waiting to board the plane I started to chat to a girl who was also flying to Australia. She happened to be sat on the window seat on my flight so it was nice to have a companion to travel the long distance with. 

When we boarded the flight a young guy from Wales sat between us. He was also nice and I couldn’t have asked for better people to sit next to on the 11 hour journey. 

I flew with China Southern Airlines. They aren’t the best and I probably wouldn’t recommend them but they got me to Australia in one piece. 

The first plane was relatively new, with Windows that turned to black out with the touch of a button so the staff didn’t have to come round asking everyone to out their blinds up for take off and landing. The toilets were also very fancy, as airplane toilets go. I felt like I was in a futuristic space craft. 

On the second flight it was less luxciourious, with average Windows and toilets. I was also sat next to a rather large Chinese man who kept picking his nose – delightful! 

What let the airline down was the abrupt staff that couldn’t speak much English. The food also wasn’t that great. The film choices were also outdated and lacked choice. When I flew with Quatar, there were hundreds of films to choose from. 

I suppose they are only minor complaints and for the price I can’t really complain. 

When I landed I breezed through immigration with my e-passport and retrieved my bag almost immediately. 

When I was walking towards the exit I couldn’t contain my excitement. Seeing my boyfriend stood there with a welcome to Sydney sign was something similar to what you would see in a movie. – how romantic and soppy ☺️

Let the Australian adventure begin! 

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