First Airbnb experience

Arriving at our Airbnb, about midday, we were greeted by a friendly lady named Kerri. 

Her flat reminded me of a country cottage you’d find in England. Her place is filled with little trinkets, mismatched crockery and our room was very cosy and welcoming. 

It turned out that she was actually going away on a yoga retreat the next day so the flat is ours for the week. 

After having a cup of tea and a quick chat with our host, we went to the local supermarket to stock up on food for the week. I had missed George’s cooking so much I made sure we bought all my favourite ingredients to make the meals we used to make before he left. On the menu that evening was lasagna and it was an almighty lasagna at that!  


Glebe is a lovely little area of Sydney. It has a sort of hippie charm, very laid back with a number of small cafes and shops. A harbour at one end of the road and a green at the other. 

Kerri also mentioned that they have their own community herb garden in the area which we are yet to find. 

It is an area that I could see myself enjoying if I were to move here. 


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