Bondi to Coogee coastal walk

Today we ventured to Bondi beach, on the bus from Sydney, to meander along the coastal path to Coogee. 

There were a few clouds in the sky which made the temperature perfect for a hike up and down the cliff side. Saying that, it wasn’t too strenuous. 

The views of the waves crashing against the shores, people surfing and dogs playing on the beach was wonderful. 

Along the way we passed a few other beaches such as Tamarama Bay, Bronte, Gordans Bay and Clovelly.

I wouldn’t recommend spending a day on Clovelly beach. It was by far the worst out of them all with very little sand to plonk your towels down for the day. 

Just before reaching Coogee there is an unusual grave yard facing the sea. I thought it would be a beautiful rating play for anyone who loves the coast (like me) but was very unexpected. 

We took a picnic of left over Dominos pizza (from the hangover food on New Year’s Day), crackers, cheese and some crisps. We sat and ate it on the grass when we finally arrived in Coogee.

There are water fountains along the way that allow you to fill up your water bottles. – stay hydrated!! 

I highly recommend doing this walk or at least from Bondi to Bronte. 

This evening George taught me how to cook carbonara from scratch. 

It was another great day on the other side of the world! 


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