Recipe: Carbonara

Based on two people portion….


Fresh pasta, 50ml cream, splash of white wine (optional), 3 medium eggs, bacon ladons, peas, two onions, two gloves of garlic, cheese, salt and pepper. 


Step 1: fry bacon and place pan of water onto the heat to boil. 

Step 2: chop onions, not too finely. Remove bacon from frying pan, tying to leave in as much of the fat from the bacon, and fry onions. 

Step 3: add two gloves of crushed garlic and add bacon back into the pan. 

Step 4: add a couple of table spoons of water from the boiling pan or add the white wine if you have chosen to use some. This is to remove the sediment from the bottom of the pan (the natural sugars etc from the bacon) which enhances the flavour. 

Step 5: add the pasta and frozen peas to the boiling water for approx 2 mins

Step 6: once the pasta is cooked, add it all to the frying pan and mix with the other ingredients. 

Step 7: add eggs, cream,cheese, salt and pepper into a bowl and mix. 

Step 8: remove pasta from the heat and wait a minute before adding the egg mixture to the frying pan. After mixing – voila, you have yourself a delicious pasta dish! 


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