Museum hopping 

Can you believe it has rained for the past 3-4 days straight here in Sydney. – I can’t!! 

When it rains in a country that you expect to be sunny it is very annoying. I wasn’t prepared for that amout of rain!! I had packed one hoodie that had a hood and one pair of jeans. After the first day both of these were soaked and I had no way of being able to dry them. The remaining few days I spent in damp clothing feeling cold. Learning curve – pack a waterproof! 

Luckily Sydney has many museums that you can hide from the rain in. The other day we bought a concession pass (students/adult $9/18) which gave us access to four museums. You can buy these online or in any of the museums that are included in the pass. 

We started with the Hyde Parks Barracs Museum. The building and courtyard that the museum is now based in was were the convicts were sent back in the eighteen hundreds. It museum was therefore about the history of the barracks and the convicts that were sent there, why they were there and what life was like for them when they first arrived here from England. 

There was a audio guide that you could listen to as you went round and hammocks that you could climb in to get a sense of how the convicts slept. 

I found it quite interesting, especially because I am currently reading the book Remember Me by Lesley Parks which is based on a woman and her life after being sent to Australia as a convict. 

The next place we went to was the Justice and Police Museum. All the museums are relatively close to each other so it was quite easy to dodge the rain showers. 

The Justice and Police Museum was based on the crime and punishment that has taken place within Sydney over the years. As a whole I would say the museum was quite mundane due to there not being anything to interact with. The majority of the information was presented to you on boards that you had to read. It was very text orientated with some images of the convicts, streets crimes were committed on and weapons used. 

The final museum we went to was the Museum of Sydney. I think by this point we were both done with reading information so I don’t think we appreciated it as much as we may have, if we had done it on a separate day. 

One thing that did fascinate me was the information on the design of the Sydney Opera House. Designed by a man named Jorn Utzon as part of a competition in 1957.   


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