How I ended up on Scotland Island…

The rain unfortunately forced us to stay in Sydney a little longer than we had planned. By we I mean the camper van ‘crew’ comprising of Tom, a ginger guy who needs to be looked after on a regular basis – like a child. Kieran, the youngest of the group. He is growing his hair and often wears a cap because he claims it is in an awkward faze at the moment. Then there is obviously George, the boyfriend and myself. The reason we stayed in Sydney was because Tom had a friend (Jason) who was letting us use his house as a safe haven. 

During our time there we had a pizza night, making pizzas using the stone baked oven. They were lovely! Jason had made the oven himself and I have to say it looked pretty impressive. 


We also helped one of Jason’s friends move house as a way to say thank you for letting us stay. He lived on Scotland Island, a rather remote place with only 1000 occupants living in wooden houses against the shoreline. It felt like an adventure, having to catch a little boat over to the island. I doubt I would have gotten the chance to see Scotland Island if the rain hadn’t brought us to Jason’s house. 




3 thoughts on “How I ended up on Scotland Island…

      1. If you’re in the Surry Hills area (which is great for coffee and cocktails) i recommend having dinner at Yullis on Crown St. It’s a vegetarian place but non veggie people will enjoy it. Then go to messina for absolutely amazing gelato and ice cream afterwards. You can’t miss it – it’s the place with a line going down the entire street! Haha

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