The beautiful blue mountains

After a few days of nine stop rain we finally left the Sydney bubble and headed for the blue mountains. 

The journey was surprisingly short, about an hour and we had arrived in Glenbrook. We decided to stop off here to ask at the information centre what the best places to visit are and to ask for a trusty map. 

After reading about the Charles Darwin walk on George Wade’s blog I decided to drag the others to see Wentworth Falls that was at the bottom. 

The walk was named after Charles Darwin because it was he who regularly used to walk it back in 1836. 

It was an easy going decline through thin pathways and over decked areas. Across little streams that gradually amounted to bigger pools of water before the cascading waterfall. 

The waterfall and the views beyond were stunning. We were even lucky enough to glimpse a rainbow coming off the water. 

 It was all well worth the hot and sticky walk through the ‘jungle’ to see. 

That evening, after we climbed our way back to the car, we experienced our first proper night in the camper van. 

We stayed at a free campsite called Ingar camping grounds. It had a drop toilet that was rather smelly but apart from that it was ok. 

We cooked pasta on our little stove and ended up sitting in our camping chairs to watch a film. 

The following day we headed to Leura, a peaceful, pretty town in the Blue Mountains. We stopped off for a pie in one of the cafes and popped our heads into the bookshop. 

Hopping back in the camper van we headed for Katoomba, the busiest town in the Blue Mountains and home to the famous Echo Point viewing platform where you can see The Three Sisters. 

I heard whispers that the sisters were being chased by three young men so a sorcerer turned them into rocks to protect them but died before being able to turn them back. If that’s the case then the middle sister must have been a rather large lady!! 

Plans were made at the beginning of the day to walk down the 9000 steps to the bottom and then get the train back up. As per usual, the amount of faffing the boys do during a single day prevented us from doing this as we wouldn’t make it for the last train back up. 

We therefore decided to do the Prince Henry walk along the mountains edge. We walked up and down many steps, dodging the muddy patches and looking at the hundreds of trees below. This particular walk wasn’t that interesting as the view didn’t change much. 

As I’ve grown to discover, true to Australian weather it then began to rain and we had to shelter under a woman’s porch way. Seriously – what is with all this rain? 

That night we camped at a greyhound race track near Newcastle, our next stop. 

Campsite: Ingar Campsite, free

Recommendations: Charles Darwin Walk, Leura town, Echo Point Lookout

Eating: N/A

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