Is Newcastle worth a visit when traveling the East Coast?

The next designated stop on our wonderful list of places to see was Newcastle. Most of the boys were a little sceptical because there didn’t seem much to do their that interested them. I encouraged the stop off and I think the others were happy we went. 

Newcastle itself seemed like a lovely area. We arrived about mid day so decided to stop off at the Blackbutt nature reserve for lunch. Once we had eaten our little tins of tuna (Australia has a variety of different tuna flavours such as tuna with black pepper and lemon – amazing!) with our crackers, we went for a walk around the park and saw some kangaroos, koala bears and other creatures. 

It was a great way to stretch our legs after the drive and enjoy the sunshine over lunch. If you wanted you could probably spend the whole day there, especially if you have children with you as there is a play area and a number of BBQs with ample seating and grass to play balls games on. 

 Following this I dragged the boys to an art gallery called The Lock Up. The building itself used to a prison so some of the installations were presented the old prison cells. 

The theme of the current exhibit was Good and Evil, I was very impressed with some of the art on display. Very imaginative and creative.




The parts of Newcastle that I saw gave off a surfer, artsy vibe – with the graffiti on the walls and the beach boys wondering around town with sea salty hair and surf boards attached to their bikes. It was a place I’d like to return to and definitely worth passing through. 

Campsite: on the way to Newcastle – Greyhound Showground $25 per camper van

Recommendations: Blackbutt Nature Reserve | The Lock Up

Eating: N/A


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