Port Macquarie and it’s wonderful camping spot

The drive to Port Macquarie was tiring due to the pouring rain but I I managed to find us a nice place to stay called Aquatic Caravan Park. In comparison to what we had been used to since the beginning of the journey, this was heaven. 

It had clean and spacious showers and I think I spent a good half hour washing away the rain, mud and memories of being stuck in a puddle. 

That evening we went to a bingo hall, on recommendation from the camp grounds owner, for an all you can eat buffet. It was rather random but I suppose these are the types of things you do when you go traveling. All you can eat places are wasted on me but the boys certainly got their money’s worth. 


The following day, after another glorious shower, we headed to a koala hospital. Here we saw some very sleepy koalas and got to learn about how they are taken care off after they have been found injured. They were very cute and cuddly but holding them was not allowed because they are still wild animals that aren’t used to being touched and held by humans. The volunteers merely treat them for their injuries and then step away. I would recommend a visit and it is free. 

Right next door is a historic house called Roto, a late Victorian building that used to be home to the Flynn’s. There didn’t seem much information on why he had this house or what the historic significance was, except that it was from the Victorian era. 


For dinner George cooked us steak with potatoes, peas and fried onions using the camps bbq facilities. A pack of cards can entertain for hours and should be on everyone’s traveling packing list!! We sat and played a number of games before retiring for the night. 

Before leaving Port Macquarie, we decided to go to the Billabong Nature Reserve costing $23. It offered many animal talks throughout the day. First on the agenda was the snow leopard – such a beautiful animal. 

The feeding of the ‘monster’ croc was a highlight. I couldn’t believe how close the guy got to its giant mouth. We touched various reptiles and learnt the all important information about what to do if bitten by a snake whilst traveling. 

I am not overly confident when it comes to animals so I was a little timid when it came to feeding the kangaroos. I think the photo below captured some of my nervous laughter. 

Unlike the koala hospital, the koalas at the zoo are not wild and are very used to being handled by humans. We therefore got to stroke one and without surprise it was very fluffy. There was even one there called George! 

The zoo, although not the best I’ve been to, did offer a lot in terms of what we learnt, it could just do with a bit of tlc. 


Back on the road, excited to be heading to Coffs Harbour, until we broke down. Turns out our alternator had died on us so we had to be towed to the nearest garage that happened to have a field outback that we could camp in. Fantastic!! 

Campsite: Aquatic Caravan Park $11.25 pppn

Places Visited: Koala Hospital, Billabong Zoo
Eating: Port Macquarie Bowling Club (all you can eat buffet) 

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