Kempsey and why to avoid it! 

I don’t think we could have broken down in a worse place. We ended up being stranded in a town called Kempsey that literally is the most boring place on earth. 

Even the information centre in the town told us there was simply nothing to do there. 

The camper van company put us up in a basic hotel so we ended up watching films and making use of the electricity to charge all the devices we owned. 

The air conditioning was also a welcome break from the hot and sticky camper van. 

What Kempsey does have is a Target and a Coles so we bought a few bits and returned to the air-con and electrical plugs.

It was a very boring three days and we were very thankful to be back on the road with a new alternator and battery fitted. 

It was from then on that the campers new name was The Useless Box. 

Campsite: a field before being moved to The Kempsey Hotel

Recommendations: Do not stop here

Eating: RSL 

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