Coffs Harbour and The Big Banana

On arrival we headed for Park beach that was opposite the campsite that we had decided to stay at. It was very windy so sunbathing was not a relaxing experience so I wondered along the beach with George, finding a little starfish and some shells along the way. 

We saw two people land on the beach after jumping out of a plane and watched a couple kite surf. Kite surfing looks a lot of fun but also difficult to master. I think you must have to have a fair amount of upper body strength to be able to control the kite. I’d probably end up getting blown away. 

The facilities at the campsite we were staying at were very good. It was a large complex so there were lots of families staying. The boys joked that they felt unsafe due to the gangs of kids that sped round the site on their bikes and scooters. Tom cooked us a vegetable fried rice under George’s instructions and I was able to Skype my family using the free wifi. 

Visiting the Big Banana amusement park was on the agenda for the following day however it was a bit of a disappointment. The park itself had a small water park, a toboggan run that took a minute to get to the bottom and a very boring looking mini golf course. Luckily the banana was pretty big so it was worth visiting to get the tourist snap but that was about it. 

The man in the information centre there was very good and helped us organise a Segway tour for later that day whilst also advising us in other things that we could do. 

Segwaying is very fun, especially when one of your friends falls off it. We may have looked like complete twonks in our hi-vis jackets, crocs and helmets but that didn’t matter. We were taken around the hotel complex that the Segway centre was based in. In single file we were led to a field area where we could roam freely on the two wheeled machines. 

Included in the price was a game of splash golf were you had to try and get the ball into a target that floated on the river. I’ve never been good at golf so I was lucky if my ball went further than the sand bunker. 

Whilst in the area I dragged the boys to The Bunker, a cartoon art gallery. A lot of the cartooned drawings on display had significant messages and the drawings were very detailed. Like little kids we sat and tried drawing our own cartoons. Considering George couldn’t previously draw a carrot, I was impressed with his drawings. 

 Driving through banana farms added interest to our journey to the Forest Sky Pier. A wooden pier that jutted out over the trees below to allow you to see the beautiful view of Coffs Harbour. 

One more night at the family camp site before heading to Byron Bay. 

Campsite: Park Beach Holiday Park, $57 for 4 people in a camper van per night
Recommendations: Segway Ride, $49 | Forest Sky Pier, free | The Bunker cartoon gallery $5

Eating: N/A

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