The Natural Bridge and all its shimmery goodness

On our way to Surfers Paradise we stopped off at Springbrook National Park. Knowing little more than what the Lonely Planet guide told us, we were in need on an information desk and a map. Unfortunately nowhere seemed to be open but luckily we found a map outside the information building. 

I wasn’t very impressed that there was no one available to give us some information at the information point, especially as the sign on the door listed it’s opening hours and we there within time. If we hadn’t found the map I am sure we would have had to turn around as the signposts were void without knowledge of what there where directing us to. 

The map also gave information on the type of treks available and what each point of interest would offer us. We decided to check out the ‘Best Of All’ lookout (drawn in by the name and the close proximity to the information point). It took us about 10 minutes to walk from the car park to the lookout. It was rather impressive, offering views of the line between where New South Wales crosses over into Queensland. 

Hopping back in the car we headed to The Natural Bridge. A short walk through the trees, along an easy going pathway, brought us to a beautiful waterfall that dropped through the middle of a cave. It was a pretty impressive sight. 

Campsite: N/A
Recommendations: Best Of All Lookout | The Natural Bridge | Swimming in the water is not permitted

Eating: pack a picnic. 

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