Brisbane, another city

Arriving into Brisbane, the rain decided to fall again. We booked to stay at the closest campsite to the centre; Newmarket Gardens Caravan Park. Very average site! 

My friend insisted that I had to go and check out the delicious desserts at the Chester Street Bakery on Chester Street. I took her advise and dragged the boys with me. Their eyes lit up as they saw the cabinets filled with huge cakes. I was told to order the Nutella lasagna but sadly I wasn’t a big fan. The others ordered big, door stop, sized cakes and they all said they were very tasty!

 After spending the last few weeks close to the seaside, it felt weird to be back in a big city. After a day here I started to miss the feel of sand against my skin and waking up to the sound of the waves. Perhaps this is why Brisbane and me didn’t jell. 

Other than the shops, restaurants and clubs…I can’t see what else the place has to offer me. It may be a good place to live and work but as a passing stop off on my East Coast adventure, I wasn’t blown away. 

Campsite: Newmarket Gardens Caravan Park, $57 for 4 people on an unpowered site

Recommendations: The Valleys for a night out

Eating: Chester Street Bakery

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