Expect to be covered in sand, eat sand and walk on sand whilst on Fraser Island

It was an early start on the morning of our trip to Fraser Island. Rolling my bedding into a pile ready for check out and with my luggage all packed, I headed to reception to wait for the bus. 

There were many sleepy people sat with their bags on the pavement that morning. 

We had booked a package deal which included a nights accommodation before and after our trip at the Nomads hostel in Noosa, transport to the 4WD pick up point, ferry ride onto the island and accommodation and food for two nights whilst there. 

The journey to Rainbow beach took about two hours so I had a little nap on the bus. Once we got there, we were put into groups of eight people and directed to our 4WD. It was nice to interact with other people after spending so long with just the ‘camper crew’. In our group we had three Dutch girls and an American guy called Sam. 

The tour guide, Link (slightly Pervy guy in his mid-forties), commanded car one and the rest of us had to follow in convoy. We were in car four – taking up the tail end. The cars were able to communicate with each other using the walkie-talkies (which also provided us all with some entertainment). 

Once we had our briefing and had made a quick stop off at the bottle shop, we headed for the ferry. As we pulled up on the beach to wait for the boat to arrive we watched dolphins jump out of the sea. The ferry itself took about 15 minutes. 

For miles all you can see is sand. We drove for about half an hour along the shore line to the ‘resort’ for some lunch. On the way we had the music playing, the windows down and my hair was ‘whipping back and fourth’. 

After a little drive into the rainforest, over uneven ground, we arrived at Lake Mckenzie. Words cannot describe how beautiful this place was. I was blown away and momentarily had to pause to take it all in. It was stunning. 

On the way back to camp I got to drive the 4WD through the trees. I was slightly nervous but after driving for a minute the nerves subsided. It was fun manoeuvring the vehicle over the lumps and bumps. I also enjoyed the quick stop off, amongst the trees, for some biscuits. 

In the evening we all sat down on picnic benches for some food at the ‘resort’. It was nothing special, spag bol – but it filled a hole. 

Drinking games and tour group bonding commenced until the early hours but being the grandma that I am I headed to bed at 12ish, in preparation for our 7am wake up call. 

Music and Link banging on our door awoke me the following day and I quickly through on a bikini and applied sun cream before heading for breakfast. 

The drive to the first point of interest, Eli Creek, took about an hour. We had to watch out for incoming waves whilst driving along the beach as it was high tide still. The creek was a refreshing way to cool down. The only thing we all lacked was a rubber ring so we could float down it. 

The most photographed shipwreck, SS Maheno was our next stop. It was pretty impressive and I enjoyed taking a few photographs of it. 

Another short drive took us to a picnic spot where we all had lunch before heading to the Indian Head lookout. Beautiful 180 degree view of the island greeted us once we had made the climb to the top. 

Driving around the corner we reached the Champaign Pools, our last stop of the day. These were slightly disappointing, we ended up calling them the Champaign puddles. 

On the journey back to the ‘resort’ we were all very tired which resulted in an unusually quiet drive home. 

Dinner that evening consisted of extremely well done steak with potatoes and veg. We were allowed one piece of steak, three potatoes, one scoop of vegetables, one corn on the cob and one spoonful of gravy. All very precise portion control. 

That evening the partying lasted a little longer and was pretty eventful. Hands through windows, broken bones and loss of teeth – luckily not my bones or teeth. 

The morning scenes reminded me a little of The Hangover film. Loss of memory and hangovers from hell for most. 

I think a 40 minute hike there and 40 minutes back to Lake Wabby was the tour guides way of inflicting punishment on those who cause the drama. Once we had cleared the trees, we were treated to beautiful views of sand dunes with the ocean in the distance. The lake was situated down a steep decline and I was very grateful for its existence. I quickly dumped my stuff on the sandy hill and delved into the water. The little fish that are popular in spas were swimming around nibbling people’s skin – delightful. 

Back at the ‘resort’ lunch was served before we headed back to the ferry. 

Fraser Island was one of my highlights so far on my travels. The people, places and endless sand were all great and I would highly recommend adding it to your travel itinerary. 

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