I spent my teenage years growing up in Devon amongst lots of hills, trees and sandy beaches….eating cream teas and fish and chips. Slowly plodding along with the rest of the Devon dumplings.

Moving to London and not being able to walk/run along the beach has been a major life adjustment and has made me realise that there has got to be more to life than the 9-5.

I am therefore looking forward to traveling to places that provide endless stretches of sand and sea so that I can fill what remains of my twenties with fun, laughter and exploration.

I spent my time at university studying journalism, media and cultural studies and I hope to pursue a career in something that allows me to be creative. This is what I plan to achieve once I feel I have seen and experienced enough to keep me rooted for a number of years.

I plan to blog about my lifestyle; the people I meet, the places I see and the things I like.

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