Paris, truly tragic! 

My thoughts are with all the poor families and close friends of the people who have lost their loved ones in Paris.   I honestly do not understand why anyone thinks any good will come from killing another human being. What do these people achieve from this type of behaviour? It is baffling, shocking and […]

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Magical, memorable Paris!! 

Warning: post filled with soppy confessions of a loved up girl in Paris!  Exactly a year ago today, on my birthday, George organised a great surprise for me. George is a chef, a very talented one! Last year, to celebrate my birthday, all I wanted to do was stay in, watch films and have George […]

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Things to do in Amsterdam

I am off to Amsterdam with work for the weekend at the beginning of October. I work in an Architect’s office so the main focus for this ‘team building’ trip will be Architecture. However, in the afternoon on the first day and the morning of the last day we are able to go and explore […]

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Review: Us by David Nichols

A book review of Us After finishing Game of Thrones I dove straight into the widely talked about book titled Us by David Nicholls. For me, it was a slow starter. The change of pace took quite a while to get used to but after forgetting about the action filled page turner that was Game […]

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