I’m just off to Oz

Recently my Facebook feed has exploded with people announcing their engagements. The photo of the ring or the updated relationship status. If they aren’t getting engaged then they are getting married. Have I really reached the acceptable age to get engaged or married? 25 – that is all I am. I have spent a number […]

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Reminiscing: New York City

One of my favourite memories from my time spent in New York was the day I wondered around markets and walked along the High Line. The High Line is an old railway line that runs along part of the city. On one side you have city life and on the other are views of the […]

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Living out of a backpack

This month I have read numerous blog posts about people who have ditched the ‘American Dream’ or ‘London Lifestyle’ in favour of travel. I think my aimless hitting of the like button on travel blogs and companies has created a stream of travel related posts to appear on my Facebook timeline. I cannot really complain […]

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Beautiful Bali: The Highlights

‘We are twins. We are traveling back to Perth, Australia after visiting family and traveling around Europe for the past three months.’ she said after I struck up a conversation with her and her twin brother, the two blondes that were to keep me company on the first leg of my journey over to Bali. During […]

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