I’m just off to Oz

Recently my Facebook feed has exploded with people announcing their engagements. The photo of the ring or the updated relationship status. If they aren’t getting engaged then they are getting married. Have I really reached the acceptable age to get engaged or married? 25 – that is all I am. I have spent a number […]

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Is summer already over?

Today I realised that it was time for the children to return to school. How has summer already ended?! I realised this as I sat down opposite the school girl I had grown used to seeing on my morning commute to work. I had wondered where she had been and only put two and two […]

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Bank Holiday weekend in Devon

On Thursday after finishing work, I frantically ran along the streets of London, dragging my pink little suitcase along behind me, to catch my train home. I spent the majority of the journey reading or looking out of the window. As I got closer to my destination the sun had begun to set producing beautiful […]

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Beautiful Bali: The Highlights

‘We are twins. We are traveling back to Perth, Australia after visiting family and traveling around Europe for the past three months.’ she said after I struck up a conversation with her and her twin brother, the two blondes that were to keep me company on the first leg of my journey over to Bali. During […]

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Travel Reading: Game of Thrones

We can safely say that George R.R. Martin’s, Game of Thrones books have taken the world by storm, possibly due to the success of the television series but also because they are so well written. Admittedly and annoyingly, I did discover the television series before the books but in some ways I think it worked […]

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Whitsundays and Fraser Island tour

This week George managed to organise the Whitsunday and Fraser Island tours for us through a travel representative at his hostel. Firstly, for those who have limited knowledge (like I did before searching the web) of the wonders the East Coast of Australia possesses…The Whitsundays is the name used to describe a collection of 74 tropical […]

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Camper Van is booked

The other day George managed to book the camper van we plan to use to travel the East Coast of Australia. One of the many things I admire about George is how organised he is. He managed to speak to a travel representative, who organises all sorts of transport and tours for backpackers, and she […]

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