Sunday’s were made for: Drinking a cup of tea in bed, Eating chocolate, Baking cakes,  Watching films in bed, Walking along the coast, Spooning a loved one, Eating roast lamb smothered in mint sauce, Sneakerly eating the last roast potato,  Catching up on the programmes you missed throughout the week, Slurping another cup of tea […]

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Review: Us by David Nichols

A book review of Us After finishing Game of Thrones I dove straight into the widely talked about book titled Us by David Nicholls. For me, it was a slow starter. The change of pace took quite a while to get used to but after forgetting about the action filled page turner that was Game […]

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Travel Reading: Game of Thrones

We can safely say that George R.R. Martin’s, Game of Thrones books have taken the world by storm, possibly due to the success of the television series but also because they are so well written. Admittedly and annoyingly, I did discover the television series before the books but in some ways I think it worked […]

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