Research: Coffs Harbour Region

Similar to Kempsey Shire, this area is filled with beautiful beaches but also has some ‘quaint’ towns hidden away. – Nambucca Heads is a dramatically curling headland that is intertwined by estuaries of the Nambucca River. Lonely Planet has described it as a very peaceful place and I only wish I could transport myself there […]

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7. Research: Kempsey Shire 

The main attraction in this area are the surf beaches of the Macleay Coast.Kempsey does not have very much on offer in terms of things to do or see. – Crescent Head is a sleepy beachside hideaway 18km southeast of Kempsey. The long board gained prominance here during the 1960s so you can see many […]

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Living out of a backpack

This month I have read numerous blog posts about people who have ditched the ‘American Dream’ or ‘London Lifestyle’ in favour of travel. I think my aimless hitting of the like button on travel blogs and companies has created a stream of travel related posts to appear on my Facebook timeline. I cannot really complain […]

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Saving for the big trip

According to a Buzzfeed post I read this week there are 198 countries in the world and a man named Gunnar Garfors made it his mission to see them all. I am sure he is not the first person to make it their goal in life to see all these countries and he definitely wont […]

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