First airbnb Experience

Trying to organise accommodation for over New Years Eve in Sydney has been a mission and a half. By the time I fly out to Sydney I wont have seen George for about five months, so we thought it would be nice to stay somewhere that would allow us to relax and reconnect. I highly […]

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Visa Application

Today I took a trip to STA Travel to sort out my Working Holiday Visa. After I had finished work I rushed to my STA appointment to meet Adam. When I got there, all flustered and hot from having to run, he offered me a drink and we discussed my options. He quickly informed me […]

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Making the first appointment

After formulating a plan over a number of days, a very emotional phone call to my parents explaining how unhappy I was living and working in London, a few emails to friends who had recently traveled around Australia…I finally decided to book an appointment with STA Travel. Ever since the thought of going out to […]

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