Exploring the Town of 1770’s waters

Note: After a short break away from the blogging world, to temporarily concentrate on settling into a new home and job, I am hoping to get back to posting every other day again!

Our second over night stop on our long drive from Noosa to Airlie Beach was the Town of 1770/Agnes Water. Both towns are very close together, the majority of the backpacker hostels are based in Agnes Water the larger of the two places but the best camping ground is in the Town of 1770 and that is where we headed.

The site, was situated right on the beach, I fell asleep that evening listening to the waves crash against the shore.

It had been a tiring day. We drove for three hours to get to the campsite and then, that afternoon I had booked us onto a sunset kayak tour. I didn’t realise how much energy is required to propel yourself forward in the tiny boats. It turns out that after a while my weak arms began to ache, along with my back.

 Our tour guide, I fail to remember his name, was very insightful. He had a greying goatee, was tanned and certainly made paddling the kayaks easy with his small but all muscle physique. When we turned up at the ‘office’, a small beach off the side of the road next to his minibus, he climbed up the sandbank dripping from his swim in the sea to greet us.

He filled our ears with local knowledge about the area as we paddled, such as the story of how ‘over there’, and he would point with his ore, was the first place Captain Cook landed.

A memorial is in place to mark the spot and the town holds a festival each year.

The tour guide also shared a story about a tour he was giving to a couple. He had champaign in his little cool bag, the sun was setting and he was all prepared to pop the cork in celebration after the guy proposed to his girlfriend, except she decided to say no. Rather comical and awkward moment for the guy and I imagine he tells that tale to many of his touring groups.

Despite my unfit body wishing me to stop with the exercise, the journey around the shore, looking for dolphins and turtles, was enjoyable. Unfortunately no animals were spotted, except for a lonely cat who lived on a boat, but the beautiful sunset made up for it.

That evening I cooked us all mash potato and mince, showered and headed to bed. The heat only just allowing me to fall to sleep.

Another successful day spent on the East Coast!

Campsite: 1770 Camping Ground

Recommendations: 1770 Liquid Adventures, kayak tour

Eating: N/A


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